Friday, May 20, 2011

Part term love at the workplace

Part term lover or a scandal becomes a trend nowadays in a workplace. That words itself become an issue. For a single people, it maybe good to find the soul mate but for married person it invites danger in the relationship. This relationship is actually, nowhere especially for a married woman. As ustaz Khairuddin At-Takiri said, “Why we need a part tem lover when we already have a valid husband/wife? Don’t you think what will happen in the end of the relationship?” In this case, sometimes we forget that in the end, there will be a heart will be broken. (Nur Magazine, 2009)
This relation actually more to as a replacement or spare part and is a danger relation. Some of people doing it to cover the disability that their valid spouse have. This attitude always attack person that have perhaps bitter feeling to the spouse. 
If to discuss about the reason, we can give a lot of reason but the impact is bad. The scandal can break the marriage and it creates a bitter feeling in our heart.
For woman, please avoid this kind of relation. We know the feeling;  to be understood, to be loved and to have friend that listen to us. But, when the problem comes the person that will be pointed is us, a female. Either you’re single woman with married man, or vice versa, the impact is almost same. Avoid it is a better way even others said that we’re out of trend.