Wednesday, May 16, 2012

multi tasking person - my view

Before, i wrote about about multi tasking person, is it possible? Now, with the same topic, yes it is possible to meet or to be multi tasking person.

 In our daily life, we meet this person, the easiest example is the person that may talk with more than 2 languages. In other case, we meet our friend who is good in math and arts. Most of them are outstanding in the field they get involved.

In school, we learn about the brain function. Left brain and right brain have different function where left brain uses logic while right brain uses feeling. This make us react with which brain that we use frequently. For the person who become multitasking or multi dicipline, normally the frequencies of using left brain and left brain is almost same.

This case is not impossible, but how to make it possible to ourselves. In schools, normally we choose the course with only one specialisation. We are not aiming to proceed with the elective course where it is not related with our specialisation. This perception, perhaps it is good in term of we want to master the major skill. But, it limit us to know other world outside of our field.