Sunday, January 29, 2012

Don’t wait until it’s too late

Don’t wait until it’s too late

Malaysian’s habit; do something when it is too late (last minute’s job), and complaining the messy situation caused by the last minute job.

The best solution to avoid a messy situation is don’t wait to do something until it is too late. Prepare everything needed earlier. If you are given three months to submit a form, try to make in at the first month, not a week before due date. Same for the students, prepare the schoolbooks, stationeries and uniform the night before.

Preparing and plan things early make us easy especially if anything unexpected situation happen. Even it is nothing bad happen, at least we can avoid rushing when we can do something better at the time and it can avoid pressure.

For students, sure preparing for exam as early as possible may give time to understand the syllabus and time needed is enough to memorize the information needed for exam. It is same with preparing the stationeries for exam; it’s no worry when we prepare it before the exam day. Otherwise, our focus for the exam may be harm caused by the last minute preparation problems.

For businessperson, start the business early means gain profit early before our competitors gain it. As customer, I love a shop that open early so I can get my things needed early of the day. Even for the business idea, start to make it before someone steal our idea for their income purpose.

If we are not in either student or businessperson life, still wait till the last minutes or due date is not good. We wish when we’re at a level of our life, we have the asset we dream of. So, start it today. It can be a retirement plan, invest some money for it. Most important, plan for your health. We know our family’s health history and our medication. If necessary, invest more on health insurance or spend some time to maintain good lifestyle. When the disease already comes to us, it’s already too late to control it. Perhaps we can cure it with modern technology but being healthy is expensive.

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