Sunday, March 13, 2011

Qualiti or 'kuali' (frying pan)

While assigning a task, always at the first time the instruction or procedure is given. Even sometimes it is simple standard workflow. But still, some of the person does not follow it. It become worse when the reason given is, “I don’t know how to do.”

If, we do not know how to do, it is a need to refer the person in charge or the expert. Whenever we catch the person who runs away from the job and simply giving this reason, we can say the quality of attitude is low. That is a real situation every time I precede my job in event management. The simple job to do the proposal and formal letter the students give that kind of answer.

Quality of attitude like this make the manager thinks this is not a high quality person but “kuali” (frying pan).

As manager in charge, or a boss to employ a staff as our team member, we find the person with a certain criteria as our benchmark. The candidate must meet the quality that we need. The highest education is not the only criteria the person need to have, it must come with the good interpersonal skill and the attitude when having problems or learn new thing.

Nowadays, when to have a job, there are too many candidates the employers have and we only wanted the best. In the tough competition, it is important for the candidates to know what exactly the quality that your future employer wants. Otherwise, it’s gone.

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