Monday, January 24, 2011

When digital device turn to personal assistant.

Last Saturday I lost my cell phone, make me lost half of my life. I’m not going to talk about my feeling but the situation that become common nowadays.

Before the cell phone become important thing, we will update our meeting and scheduling in the diary or notebook. The contact number and reminder also will be there.
These days, all that job already taken by the digital device where we make a reminder through our phone or maybe Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

The technology, for some person maybe just to show and compare with others, while some other people use it as important management tool to fulfill our task. This is very helpful when we need something multi purpose and faster query.

Both of the method and technology have pro and contras, which is replace to each other.
As for me, when my phone lost, the first thing in my mind is my schedule, then the contact number that I don’t have backup in term of hard copy.

Using diary, of course it has limitation, where we will not bring it everywhere, but safer just in case.

Of course, I choose digital devices as first option as others do during these days but, when the unexpected incident happen, I feels that its better to have both option.

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