Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bully at workplace

Bully cases often we relate with students and schooldays, but somehow take place in workplace. It does not only when the victim is being hit, but often in a silent way. The silent way that are popular are giving the unnecessary, ridiculous work to victim; teasing victim through a bad name and many more.

Bully is a social disease, it occurs everywhere. The term bully has no specific definition, but it can be understand as one repetition ridiculous behavior being done to the victim that affect emotion, health and safety of the victim.

Gender, personality and ethnic.

Bully cases can be happen caused by gender, personality and ethnic. This occurs especially when the victim is the only one different among the colleague. There’s not only the women become victim, there also cases where victim is man.

Signs you’re being bullied

  1. Your colleagues or head always seeking your fault, or comparing you with other colleague.
  2. Your head purposely appoint a meeting at the time he knows you cannot attend.
  3. Your head or colleagues sabotage you with informing you last minute, or he just left it without informing you.
  4. When your head under pressure, you are the place he release his stress by pointing your entire fault.
  5. When you finish up a task, the head appreciate other person.
  6. You’re given a task that is not for you when the people that suppose to handle it can be relax.
  7. When nobody want to listen to your voice, order or suggestion even you’re at higher position.
  8. Your motivation for work reduced.

How to avoid bully?

1.      Main point, don’t react. When we react, the particular person feel that he already can catch your mood. Soon, he’ll stop it.
2.      Make your character stronger; show them that you’re not the easy person for them to bully.
3.      Make it clear your opinion when you want to say something. Don’t keep it silent.
4.      When the thing come worse, lodge a report to the top management, police or labor department.

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