Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to love our job

We get a job after graduates, or during our schooldays, we have something to do. But, not every single job we love to do.

 There are two options we have; loved to do it, or pass it to others (resign). The second option is not the point this time, but how to love our job.

  1. focus on positive thing
Sure, we have reasons why we hate the job but impossible there’s nothing special for doing it. Try to figure out the positive things about the task.

  1. take it as experience
If not now, when you can gain the experience? Take this as advantage to improve, find out our ability and strength.

  1. chances to improve
The experience will show us where is our weaknesses and strength. These are changes for us to make ourselves better. If you’re a student, it worth when you start working later. For worker, take it before thinking of resign.

  1. aim a target
Aim a logic target to satisfy yourself. If at this time you can only make a letter, try to aim to make paperwork or a report.

  1. take it easy
Being scolded by a head make us feel upset. Don’t take it so serious. Calm down, find the way to avoid the mistake that the head scolded you or, at least reduce it.

  1. change the routine
Everyday do the same thing will invite bored in a heart. Change it; perhaps your cloth or table arrangement. The major things maybe we can’t do much but these simple things help.

  1. change the position
If, you think you can do more, inform the leader. We don’t know if we’re not trying it.

  1. ask for feedback
Don’t feel satisfied enough or feel not good of your job. Ask feedback from colleague; how is the performance, where you need to repair etc..

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