Saturday, June 18, 2011

Do we need to dress up?

It sounds like more to woman, but it is sure that are we really need to dress up? Being beauty is synonym to women. Every time they went out, they’ll be dress up as they can for shop, meeting friends or attending functions. Even just to hang out with friends, some of the people will ask to themselves of housemate, “Am I okay with this cloth?” or “Am I beautiful like this?” There’s some general reason that women will give if we ask about this:

·         For self respect when we shown up among people.
·         To attract others.
·         Nature of woman, love to be beauty.

Three of this is correct, but I just want to highlight the second reason; to attract others. The first reason comes first, and then it will come with this second reason. But, who you want to attract?

For working purpose, it might be our boss. In some sector such as in salon or beauty center, to increase up the salary, to dress up is one of the requirement. In other sector, too fashionable usually not allowed.

To dress up when hanging out, there’s various answers we will have, who we want to attract? Some of the women will feel that it is wrong to wear the cloth that she wears last week. She feel ashamed, if others notify that it is same as before.  Some of them, also, dress up aiming to attract the guy that they fall to. But, most of the women dress up just because they don’t want others saying something bad about their attire.

Based on the research in London, actually women dress up well to attract other woman and heard a good respond from them. It is not really to attract man! When read this news, as others, I am surprised to know that. At the other side, it might be yes. That is because, woman knows woman better.

Personally, I’m not really care about to dress up because I’m not really care about what others will say, regarding to my attire. I am really concern about it only when I have presentation, or when I have to deal in my business. If it is just to hang out, or for shop, its not.
 In some views, when we share this view among married friends especially, they feel uneasy with the situation. The wives, normally, dress up whenever they want to go out with reason feel shameful to people outside if they’re not doing it. But when they’re at home, they will not dress up just because nobody looks at them. My view, our spouse will look at us at home. Sure we don’t want our spouse compare us with other woman outside, that we also look at them; that is of course well dressed.

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