Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Multi tasking person; is it possible?

This is my experience when I wanted to search an internship placement and now, for a better job. The employer’s requirement varies but when interviewing process I notice something; a multitasking employee is currently a main requirement in any field.
In information technology and computer field for example, employer searching the Product Tester that not only know about quality engineering, but also computer programming and business analyst. In other case that I attend, third language ability is preferable than ability only two language or lesser.  Not only that, the advertisement of the vacancy also sometimes fixed such as ‘Admin and Finance Officer’ or ‘Admin cum Customer Service Executive’. From that, it already shown that the employer wanted a staff that can handle both task.
Sure, sometimes I heard the complaint that it is impossible that we can do it. We’re not doing it alone actually, in the team. But, in certain case when the team lack of manpower, multitasking team member is a need. For the company that fixed the multitask employee as advertised, it’s a trial to reduce human resource financial expense. To me, it is good for both sides where employee may ask for a higher salary because we do two-person job. For employer, they still have profit because even they give a higher salary to the particular employee; it is still save compare to hire two employees.

Forget about a career for a while, look it in our daily perspective.  If a person can deal for shop and can speak more than one dialect, is getting more benefit compare to person that can do only one. Before, I was the second type of person. I can find things that I need in the market but when I travel to other city or deal with people that use different dialect, it is not easy to get the lower price or exactly what I need. Now, when I learn even a basic term to make ease in communication, I save more and, it’s enjoyable. 

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