Friday, October 15, 2010

What’s wrong with my cloth?

Did anybody care about what I wear? Sometimes, it is yes! The clothes we wear actually show what we’re thinking and our position in societies. As we know a doctor or a police according to their uniform; that is the point how others look at us.

Attire, is one of important thing that will affect our self-confidence, especially when we’re working. There’s some organisation that fix a criteria of attire as one of requirement that will be calculated to increase the staffs’ salary.

There’s some common mistake that we might do when we attend to work, or maybe attending an interview:
·        wearing slippers
·        wearing sunglasses
·        wearing jeans ( working at construction site, jeans may became a necessity, but not in office)
·        round neck shirts
·        too colorful attire
·        too crowded with accessories
·        skirt too short
·        a short, long pants

During daily life, even not going to workplace, there is still having a rules and regulation on our cloth. If we’re not following it, don’t grumble that you become an attention to others. As example
·        When enter a praying area such as mosque or church, don’t wear a sexy cloth.
·        When we’re in a place that other people wearing a plain color cloth, try to wear a minimum color cloth.

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