Monday, July 18, 2011

about being punctual

“We need to be start right now”
“Wait for me, 10 minutes I’ll be there“
Always when we wanted to have the meeting or teamwork, there is somebody asking time to arrive delay from the time should be. Questions that will come to our mind with this kind of person are, are they really can not come right on time or they love to waste the time?
The very common problem to cooperate in teamwork is time punctuality to start on time. Once when I was a student in a higher institution, an organization wrote on the banner the earlier time that it should be for their event. The reason they told me is to ensure the hall is full right on time. But, the participants are still come late. As can be expected, the event start late.

Why we need to be punctual?
You show respect for the Person B in your life.
You show that you respect yourself enough to keep your word.
You prove that you can be trusted.
You are appreciated for being on time.
You are regarded as a reliable person.
You are seen as a professional.
You are taken seriously and on your word.
You build a strong reputation for your character.
You open doors to opportunities without noticing it for all the above reasons.
You eliminate stress from your life by removing guilt and anxiety for being late.
You do the right thing.

Impact of being not punctual?
  • If worker, it will be in your disciplinary record.
  • For those who doing freelance job, don’t regret if you loose most of your income.
  • For a leader, if this is your habit don’t get angry if your follower do the same thing or if they have no respect to you.

What is needed if we can’t attend on time?
  • You should have a good reason for being absent or late.
  • If it is a formal agenda/meeting, perhaps you need to proceed with a letter.
  • When you already know earlier that you can’t attend, inform as early as possible.

What if you afraid you will forgot the time or venue?
  • Alarm clock may help you to be alert with the time
  • Use a diary or planner to help you
  • Note to the calendar on your table or board
  • Make a note in your cell phone or PDA

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