Tuesday, August 9, 2011

waiting for meeting

I hate the situation when I am waiting for someone, then she comes with mess. Normally it is not just being late, but with other problems; talking to someone else online and very slow to move. Hey, you made an appointment with me just to call your other friend or to show me your slow moves? Always I have a lot of things to do, I still keep a promise to meet friends but when they give this shit to me, I feel upset. Even sometimes people call me when I have appointment with others but I manage to inform to call back later because I have promise to others.

When we made an appointment, being late is already a mistake. You add up with some other problems shows that actually you have no respect to others.

Even it is a simple situation but the impact is big. The behavior that never respects your friends will make them feel uneasy and, it can make them loss their thrust for you.
To respect others’ time is actually not only when you have a formal business with them, but in your whole life. It makes your life and feeling better.

To the person who did this messy thing, as I informed, just imagine if you were in my place. I wish that you will be happy if your friends doing this when they want to meet you.

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