Monday, August 22, 2011

What is in the appreciation?

What is in the appreciation?
Before, there’s a kid love to write but he feels shy, if his friends laugh his writing. He comes from a poor family, work only as general worker which labeling bottles. His life was upside down, but he still writing and post it to publishers, silently. Stories sent but all rejected until one day, a publisher called him; his story will be published but there is no honorarium for it. The publisher honored his story. This kid, feel happy until tears turn down from his eyes on the way home. This is the beginning for him to become an author, and all over the world know him; Charles Dickens. Because of one appreciation, changed his world.
Another story, a girl did her research alone with what she can do. After a week, she noticed that her job is being copied by her friend where her friend told the teacher that is his job! The girl feels pressure not jus her hard work being copied but, her friend gets the attention easily but for her, others see her as copycat.

These two stories are true. The first is about a popular author and the second, does happen to me during my high school. The feeling to be appreciated and disappointed because no one feels good to our job is nature in our life.The feeling, being appreciated in our heart may change our mind of something. For someone that always feels down, when there are people around us appreciate what we’re doing, we feel it, how valuable our job is.
What is in appreciation? Does it can be motivation for upgrade our job, or just to feel how great we are? Sure, being appreciated make us feel better but it doesn’t mean that we are the great.
 Psychologically, everyone loves it; to be appreciated. But, we still can be categorizing into two categories; appreciation seeking personality and low profile personality. Which category we are, the most important for me, is to appreciate ourselves. For me, it is not really to show to others how many achievements we gain but at least to motivate us to become better. Where there is no one want to respect us, at least we can respect ourselves; we own the value.

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