Thursday, September 22, 2011

"...why me???..."

“Oh, my god. Why these kinds of fate come to me? Why me?”
Perhaps this quote came from us, when we face problems or bad news. Whatever it is, we can’t run away. But, how will we face it?
My dear,
Before solving any problem or to repair any situation, we need to accept it.
“But, how?”
We need to accept it, perhaps it will take a long time.
 Remember, my dear, God knows that we are strong enough for the fate. That’s why He gave it to us. Takes a moment to calm down, so you can get know the problems better. We need to know;
 What is happening, in facts.
The participant?
When, and how it start?
Why does it happen?

All these question, we know the answers. We know since the beginning, but normally we didn’t aware because at the early stage, it looks ok. It looks that everything is normal till at one time, it become out of our control.

“Then, what can I do?”

My dear, after we know the real situation, we will know what went wrong one-by-one. Why not you take a paper and list down all that?  Don’t hide the truth, it will not help.

If the problem is regarding people’s heart, start to ask their forgiveness. From our side, forgive them. Anger and revenge doesn’t make anything, it makes the problem worse.

If the problem is about our career, change what we can change. Perhaps we can take a class to upgrade our knowledge and skill. Unemployed people might need to update the CV and skills. Keep on moving is the key.

Come back to our religion. We feel uneasy when we have less security. Our religion is final answer for our heart’s security. Fix some time to the class, as example. Most of the religious centers nowadays have their community center, join it, perhaps as volunteered.

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