Sunday, October 9, 2011

It is not just the knowledge

It is not just the knowledge
One of the human behavior or habit is keep learning, since we’re in our mum’s pregnancies actually. While we learn, it is not just the knowledge or skill, but how we will behave.
Take a motivation from a baby, when it starts to learn to walk. From crawl, it takes a move try to stand and moving. Within the process of learning, it may, and normally fall down till its feet become good to balance the body. But, when we grow up we forget this motivation to learn. Once we fall, we give up and don’t want to have another try.
My view, we will act based on our skill and information we gain. As example, we know that the place is danger, our react is, try not to be there.  Also, in our job, when we did not master the skill, the feeling is different compare to when we do the job that we have skill. The knowledge will influence our behavior.
Some people I meet, I realize that when we learn as high we can, make a different to our attitude, compare to when we were at the lower stage. As my friend said before, a higher learning person tends to be fussy because we know more. I feel that is right when I meet more people.
Don’t stop to learn just because we are old. We become old because we stop to learn. Learning is a continuous process of living.

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