Tuesday, December 27, 2011

End of the year, did we achieve our dream?

Every early of the year, most of us have something to achieve. A wish that is repeated from the previous years or a really new goal to have. But, at the end of the year, how many of us analyze our wish for the last twelve months?

Most of us, (included me, actually) just give a simple answer; success or failed. It can be continue to next year or just stop it here. The analyze is not just success or failed but, what actually we did with this one year time? Is it really we aim the goal, or it just a wish? And why?

The dream and wish, I guess everybody have it. The different is the force and planning to get it. The exact goal, sometimes we forget to aim, like to shoot without target.

Dream, wish and aim, we need to include the planning and do the plan with it. Yes, some of us already do the plan and run the plan but still not really success. Look at the different angle; perhaps our aim is too high for us or the time is not suitable or the wrong place we went to. At least, we try everything that we can.
With this coming new year, for those who have dream to achieve, I feel that all of you may start plan the best to be aimed. For friends that never have dream yet, don’t just look and see, but grap whatever the good thing comes into your life and I wish all of you best of luck.

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