Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Practice make perfect.

A school student makes a practice exercise to prepare for the exam while a magician makes a continuous exercise to enhance his skill. The practice is a lifelong learning method to improve our memory, understanding and upgrade our skills.
The continuous practice make perfect for almost all our job. As for me, if we are doing the same thing for ten years, our skill perhaps from zero, should be increase. The increments might be not too much but at least, we can see it. Otherwise, we might ask ourselves, what we’re doing actually at the given time. In most cases, we’re not aware about the changes in our quality of job, but the people surround us does.
That is same when we want to search for the consultant in any field, we will look at the experience, how long the consultant practicing his knowledge in that field. In fact, we will complaint if he is not good in it when he claimed that has an experience for a long time.
And of course, in a journey to gain a perfect, highly skill in a field is not as easy as said. It can’t be done just by a practice but several practices. Within the journey, we might meet the failure, before we meet the answer why we fail and how to entertain the failure. After that, then only we meet the right one that makes us perfect. Even sometimes, the first correct way we meet doesn’t mean that it is the accurate. In many cases, there is several correct ways to do it but a few is the accurate way.

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