Tuesday, March 20, 2012


There’s a list of restriction for us since we’re small, am I right?
“Don’t do that, it’s dangerous..”
“ don’t hold that glass, it will broken..”

While we grow older, the same situation remains. The restriction is almost everywhere. Notice that, before, the children will follow the restriction without any objection. The children nowadays are very different. They will ask, why, before following it.

As mentor, educator, parents or leader, the objection from them make us uneasy because to explain the restriction to them is not that easy. But, we need to explain before they try to find the answer on their own way. Such as if we say don’t play nearby stair because of danger, they will find out what the danger it has.

In some case, I do not agree with the restriction without a specific reason or with an unclear reason. Because it will affect the way of thinking of the children. Children who are just follow the rules without any objection normally a bit slow to think. They are good in manner but critical thinking is not so fast due to behavior just follow the rules with no need to think the reason.

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