Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Taking risk to be beautiful?

Who doesn’t want to be beauty? I wish that everybody love to be beautiful but with different way. But if it is with risk just for it, how many of us willing for it? If you will, what type of risk that you will?
Actually most of the processes to become beauty give a bad impact to our body but the seriousness of impact varies.

Cosmetics such as facial cleanser as example, products that we use daily, if not suitable for skin may harm our skin but most of us still accept this as normal. It is not too dangerous when only skin has a slight rash. When it comes to a high risk such as death, are we still willing to take it?

Sometimes, it appear to the news, where a lady died because of cosmetic surgery make me wonder what makes some people did not see the impact? Yes, perhaps they are not going to a real expert but why they choose it? The aims to be beauty until forget about the risk.

My option, for my body is to be healthy, and being beauty naturally. Perhaps that others said that I am coward, bet it is best choice for me. 

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