Sunday, March 25, 2012

Youth is not fit enough?

Many veterans nowadays are healthy and fit to work even their age is exceed the retired age (normal retired age at 55 or 56). In fact, my employer and senior management are at this age. Perhaps this is because of high living rate and easy access to medical supply and information. Sometimes, flu or joint problem is normal because of their age and season. But, this is not the things that I want to talk. It is because the youth, that I see, are weaker than the elder.

I wonder why they are not fit enough. My experience, most of the youth at the age lower than 25 are not easy to work hard, do overtime, have outstation or take challenge to do something more than the work they usually do. Yes, not all of them become like this but, many of them act like this that I can call, spoiled.

Home, only opposite side of the office, separated by main road. There’s no need to catch public transport or stuck on traffic jam but when asked to stay back for an hour, a disappointment face they show to the senior staff. Even the senior staff can work hours after office hour when needed.

Break time, the time that sometimes make me feel uneasy. I can break only half an hour praying, have a meal and reading news. Everything can be done. But for this spoiled youth take one and half an hour break. (it is a normal policy, the company allow staff break for an hour). They are coming to office after break, there’s no promise that they will do the work immediately. They can read online news, or updating blogs before everything. I feel more uneasy when the top management keep asking me just because their behavior.

The story is same at the weekend. I attend a short course to upgrade my skill. Most of my classmates are senior citizen. Even they already have stable career, they still willing to learn to upgrade the skill. I respect them, because they are willing to sacrifice their rest time for the class. But youth, at the second week they already quit. Their reason; tired to travel because that time they are supposed to rest.

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